A Change In Life

Hello world, a long absence from writing, but now finally a few minutes to compose something semi worth reading.

Soccer season has ended, and that is all I am going to say about that. The wound is still fresh, I guess I could say.

Better times has come due to a well needed break from school, thanksgiving has been here and I believe if left me with a few extra pounds around my belly. It truly is amazing how much food americans can produce on one holiday, but I was not concerned I was just easting away. I also got the chance toe pend two day in Chicago, which was awesome. Black Friday shopping was a treat, 75% off plus a extra 15% on that and than a $10 deduction. Yes this is true, thank you Macy’s, even tough I am asking my self how you will ever survive as a business. But I am sure you got it figured out, and otherwise there is plenty of business students that would like a job.

Talking about working, I just  got an internship. Top Drawer soccer family, is now a family that I am part of. Starting next week ish, something like that. I really exited to see how well it goes, it should be pretty fun. I mean media and soccer are my two interests in life, combining them too does sound like a excellent plan. I guess only the future will tell though, but I am just going to follow my feet usually works well.

Now it is time for some well deserved game time, I did finish a paper today and believe me you it was not one of the go this is going to be easy and fun type of paper. With that note, good night!




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