Back To Reality, With Dreams About The Future

Hello world I hope you all have had a great weekend, as my mom would have said “hope you recharged your batteries”. I personally  have done more than recharged my batteries, they are now completely new. Like a new brand and all, kind of crazy what one victory in something like a soccer game can do to you. However, I guess today there is more to mention about our women team since they actually won the Big East Championship, a real big performance form their team and I am happy for them.

It would crazy amazing if we would be able to win the same title as them, I am taking a shoot in the dark here but I think that would be the first time in history that happens. Soccer in all is glory, there still is need for what we usually do in College. Study, however in all honesty I have pretty much given up my academic stride for the semester. Not saying that I will get all F’s, but more that a 3.0 is exactly what I will receive. I just do not have the energy for it, we have been traveling a lot this year, and I have actually been playing almost every minute. I am not used to that and therefore my academic interest have been slacking.

Well that is all for right now, have a good Sunday world!





3 thoughts on “Back To Reality, With Dreams About The Future

  1. dreams come if you want them to stay believe in them ! Wake up every morning with a smile on your mouth and say to yourself this is the worldest best monday! (but some morning it is nice just to be able to continue to sleep…. love mom

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