And So The Weeks Has Started

Hello world, I hope the weekend was enjoyable and filled with all kinds of relaxing, fun and productive activities. Here in Milwaukee it has been a weekend filled with all kinds of events. First and foremost we played Notre Dame again Saturday night, and once again we took a 1-0 lead in the first half. As some of you might know we did the same only three days earlier, but this time we did not allow them to score any goals. Well up until the 88 minute, when they equalized. Take away that goal and that one mistake we had in the whole game and we would have won the blue division for the second time in as many years. However, they did score that goal and for us that meant a fourth place instead of a league victory. It really is crazy how talented and equal our league is, and I love that. However, this year we did not win, but we are still in the running for the play off championship. We wills tart of with Cincinnati on Wednesday night and if we win that gain we will travel to Louisville. For those that have been following my blog for more than a year, yes that is the team that took us out of the tournament last year, so that will be our chance to get some kind of revenge. Also it would be the best birthday gift I could give to myself, since if we win that I would be celebrating my birthday in New Jersey playing soccer at the New York Red bulls stadium.

However, before I get into any speculations about that I need to survive this week in school, and I am completely forgetting Saturday night and Sunday. So after the game, my old friend Michael came over. We have been neighbored and friends since we were six, and he now goes to a school only one hour away, it is cray how life turns out sometimes. Anyway, had a great night with him and sadly enough hI had to wake up at 8 a.m the next day. I am acting in a movie, and the scenes that I was involved in got shoot that morning. It is amazing how hard it is to shoot a poker scene if the people involved in it does not know how to play poker. It took us a while, but after five hours we were all done and I went home and took a long and well needed nap.

Woke up later than I had hoped, and went over to Caroline who had cooked me a delicious dinner, roast with potato and carrots. Could not have asked for a better dinner. After that I had to go home and finish homework, not the funnest way to spend a Sunday night, but hey you got to do what you got to do. I actually learned something that I found a little bit amusing. I am taking a theology class, and we are working with interpretations of the bible. We read a passage where Jesus talk to a rich man, and explains how to get to heaven. Jesus says and quote, it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. I found that amusing since most conservative people if generalize them are a part of the upper-class in society, and if we listen to what Jesus said rich people do not go to heaven. I think that could be a possible dilemma for a big chunk of the conservative parties followers.

Other than that I had my advising meeting today, and it is now decided that I will minor in a interdisciplinary subject. Which means that I will come up with it myself, I need a name that will be accepted but I am still to find it.

If anyone has any ideas please comment, it need to tie into freelance writing, media design across multiple platforms.



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