Friday, But The Most Important Day Is Yet to Come

Hello world, I hope you all are well and that you have something planned for the weekend. A lot of Halloween plans hopefully, and let us all be honest Halloween is the best Holiday. I just hate the commercial industry for trying to make up Holidays in order to make more money, I mean “Sweetest Day” come on people. Those who celebrate Sweetest Day I have one word for you, fool. If you cannot realize that sweetest day is a made up day in order to make money, I will also assume that you do believe in unicorns and that the holocaust never happened.

Speaking of the holocaust, I went to see Anne Franks Diary last night. Caroline accompanied me to the play, and I have to say that did not live up to my expectations. I understood what the director tried to do, and I thought it was an admirable idea. However, it did not work for me in the audience. That is the essential aspect of the directors job, and I thought he made Anne to annoying to be appreciated. I thought he did that in order to describe her in the eyes of those who lived with her in that enclosed area for such a long time. After that long, anything people did must have been seen as irritating. However, that made me lose interest in her, and therefore, the play well a part for me.

Theatre and Holidays in all its glory, but there are more important things taking place on campus. We lost against Notre Dame Wednesday night, and to be honest I thought they deserved to win. However, tomorrow we are playing them again. If we are to win the game we need great performances from all member of our team. If we win, we do win the league and we got a first place seed for the play-off. I cannot stress enough how big tomorrows game is, not only to the team and the program but also for me.



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