At Least Soccer Is Going Well

Good evening online world, at this moment I am blogging from our very comfortable bus. As we spend the next fiveish hours traveling to Indiana, and more specifically Notre Dame. We will play the both tomorrow and Saturday, and there is big stakes involved. If ww would win both games we will win the blue division title for the second time in as many years. That would not only be awesome and fun, but also a big step for Marquette as a soccer program.

Therefore, I am inclined to say that soccer is going great. School is unfortunately not going as well, I wish I knew why. I am just not receiving the grades I was hoping for this semester, I need to step it up during the last months that we have here in school. When I say step it up, I mean real big steps. It is hard though, combining soccer and school is not an easy task. However, I am always up for a challenge.

I resolved my banking issues yesterday, the people at the bank had some sense of decency so they helped me out a little bit. I still ended having to pay $300 for a mistake I did not realize I could make. Lesson learned, and I am still standing strong. Except money wise I guess, but money is the least of my worries. I am after all Swedish, and our country is taking good care of its citizens. Especially when I compare it to the American Culture, the high end of society here is not as prepared or adapt to give the poor a helping hand as the Swedes are. Nothing wrong with that in a lot of peoples minds, but I think it is wrong and that is something I stand fore. If I was american I would vote for Obama, and never in my life Romney.

Well now I am going to sit back and enjoy a good movie before I start doing some studying here in the bus.




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