Those Awful Moments That Really Help You Grow Up

Hi everyone I hope the weekend has been relaxing, and that you have been busy doing fulfilling activities. Honestly as long as you are prepared for the upcoming week, it does not matter what you have been up to. I have had a quite busy, strange, fun, good, depressing weekend.

Started of with a victory against Seton Hall on Saturday, 2-0 and we did not play especially good to be completely honest. A victory either way, and thanks to that we clinched a spot for the Big East play off. However, if I am honest here that really is not something that we have put our eyes on. What we want is more then just a play off spot, we want to go deep in to the play off. And since we are the defending big east blue division champions, we are striving to keep that title. Even though we lost against Georgetown we still have it in to own hands. We are playing Notre Damn twice this upcoming week and of we win those two we will win the blue division again. Notre Dame is an extremely talented team, and beating them twice would be an immense effort. They play such beautiful soccer, and the players they have is pure soccer talents. We do have a team filled with talent as well, and the games should be a real pleasure to see.

More exiting things happened the same day as well, the same night I got the pleasure of meeting Caroline’s Mom, I already met her dad but this time her mom cane along as well. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous before, but it ended up being a really fun night. We went out to dinner at a restaurant called Bacchus, amazing food so extremely delicious I cannot even explained it. Started of with a mushroom soup, and went on a filet mignon. Perfect dinner if you ask me, the price of the restaurant was of a standard that does not really suit a College student. Luckily enough Chris (Father of Caroline) was nice enough to pay for the tab, let us put it like this if he would have not I would have been cleaning dishes at that restaurant the rest of my life. However, after dinner we continued our night to the historical hotel pfister, and its roof top bar. Amazing view, and amazing live music. I do indeed recommend both places for any night of the week. The hotel bar had an amazing design to the ceiling, it was sparkling with stars and looked exactly like the real sky.

Sunday, was a day filled with surprises, good ones and not so good ones. Started of really well, out to an apple orchard and bought some apples and donuts. Obviously the donuts were not for me, but for my room mates. Caring is sharing, and that is what we do. I wish more people would live by that notion, Romney voters I am talking to you!

However, it took a strange and sad turn as I learned I few rules of growing up. And I guess how American society works, and what it is built upon. I have a debit card, not a credit card. Therefore, I assumed that I would only be able to spend as much as I have. But oh I was so wrong, apparently in American society that does not apply. You can spend more than your card actually have on it, which puts you on minus. You have minus money, I do not get how that makes sense that I would have been able to spend more than I actually have. I thought that was the point with a debit card compared to a credit card, but I was wrong so wrong. Obviously my fault that I thought I had $4 dollars more than I actually had, I do not blame anyone else than me for that. But I would assume that if I do not have any money on my account, I do not intend to spend that. The bank clearly disagrees with me on this point, and they even took it a step longer. There is a fee for using that money which you do not have, so you have to pay more than you have and on that you get a fee to pay even more of what you do not have. So they let people spend money that they do not have, and then charge this person who does not have any money (clearly) more money. So because they were allowed to spend more than they had, they have to pay even more of what they do not have. Does not make sense, really it does not make sense. But sure it is the customers fault that they paid to much, sure they should pay a little fee $25 dollars a week for the $4 dollars they went over. But should it not be the Banks responsibility to inform the customer about that? Maybe mention it to the customer when he comes in to put some money on his account so he can pay for his deposit that he mentions to the bank manager he is talking to, maybe a call, or a text, an email? No, apparently that is to strange of a way to communicate. They sent a letter, a letter that did not arrive until 15 days after the little incident happened. Strange how the post office works sometimes, and during that time that little $4 that I could not pay grew due to fee’s and extra fee’s to me using my card again because I still had no clue that it was blanked out of money. So every time I tried to use my card, for some milk and such things they added a $35 charge for every time I used money that I clearly did not have. And as that charge grew, and as the little mail man came with the notification saying that I owe $29 it had grown into $500.

A nice little story to end Sunday night, and now some sleep before a new week with new challenges.




2 thoughts on “Those Awful Moments That Really Help You Grow Up

  1. You write really nicely. Thank you for visiting my new page, I am still trying to get used to how you ‘work’ the thing! You many also be interested in reading a couple of blogs I have in Mumblings & Mutterings here on wp :0)

    Shjine on for YOU are beautiful …. Vee

    • Thank you very much, and not a problem I found it very interesting. Haha I have been blogging for awhile and there are still new things to learn. 🙂 I will do my best to check that out, thank you for the tip;)

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