Fall Break I Welcome You With Open Arms

Good morning world, finally a day where I could sleep as long as I needed. Well I guess that is not completely true but almost, I just got interrupted at 5.30 A.M. I had to take Caroline to the am track, she had to catch a train to Chi-Town. The worst part was not waking up, not at all actually and that is what scares me. I actually did not feel tired at all, and that is scary because that means my body is now used to waking up at 5 in the morning. Which in my little dream view of a perfect society is only acceptable if you are a senior citizen, and I guess from now on I need to change that little spectrum to include the vivid amount of college athletes there are around this country.

Last night after we arrived in Milwaukee early morning, and got done with mid-day practice I spent the rest of the day with Caroline. We did something I have not done in two years, and I am not talking about anything abstract on crazy here. But something I used to spent about 30 hours a week doing, skating. We went to a hockey rink here in Milwaukee, and 10 dollars later I had put on a very old pair of skates, skates nevertheless but they did look weird. Up the stairs we ran and out onto the ice, and two minutes later it felt like I had never quite playing ice-hockey. I honestly miss it sometimes, and especially last night. Ice hockey is an amazing game, and I believe it is a great way to spend many hours as a child. I am for sure going to spend some more time skating this semester, and for sure doing even more of that during the spring semester.

I guess the question will be if I have time though, Top Drawer Soccer did get back to me. I am selected for a second interview, a phone interview. I honestly have never had a phone interview before, I guess it cannot be much different from being a sale man over the phone. Except that I will be selling myself instead of some kind of product, and I think I am a much easier sell than a phone membership. The best part about the screening process of this internship is that even if I do not get it  I get some practicing in being interviewed and how to make a good resume/ cover letter. So even if I would not get it, I would walk away with a lot of good experience for future tries to gain an internship/ job. On the funny side of it,  I will be competing with one of my roommates for this internship. I guess the best man will win!



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