What Did Happen Last Night?

Hello world, I hope you all have recovered during the weekend, and are ready to go for another work week. I know that I am not, specially not when it comes to school, all these readings it is just to much. I mean I used to love reading, harry potter, lord of the rings, narnia, twilight, da vinci code, in the shadow of the wind, etc. And now I find myself tired of anything that involves text, papers, books etc. I blame that on all the school readings that simply are to long. I can spend half an hour reading theology 3 times a week, but 1 hour 4 times a week that just does not work for me. If that was the only readings I had, than sure that is perfectly okay. However, I am a ton of other subjects with equal if not longer readings, and play that with work, soccer, and an exiting/functional social life there just is not enough time.

But I should not be all depressing, life is quite exiting aw well. In about two weeks my mom and my little brother is coming to visit me, and that is going to be sweet. Especially because my mom makes awesome pancakes ( americans se it as crepes). Also my apartment is ready for the visit, a new futon is in their, and I just bought a book shelf. Extremely hard to put together, never would have been able to do it without some friends and Caroline.

On soccer notice, we are as of now the only team in the country that are 5-0-0. Very exiting both for us players as well for the program itself, it really feels like we are starting put things right. I hope that we will continue to win, because lets be honest losing is awful, frankly it sucks. Another week of hard work a head of us, and than we will play Michigan and Michigan state I believe. Two very good teams, and we will need a great performance in order to beat either of them.





One thought on “What Did Happen Last Night?

  1. Hi son!
    Lovely to hear that you got a futon, I love that it is easy to make a bed and easy to sit , yes it is easy in all ways.
    Funny you mention my pancakes, yesterday we were talking about them and I was on my way to make it for Oscar but he went to Moa instead. Love you, mom

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