Back To Des Moines

Hello people, I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. My own is filled with a messed up travel schedule, more so the fact that I will be flying back to Milwaukee Monday morning at 6 a.m. I guess that is something that I just have to deal with, a normal sleeping schedule is over rated anyway.

The more exiting thing is that we have a game tomorrow, after winning our first 3 games we are looking to get the fourth as well. We are playing Drake tomorrow here in Des Moines, a place that I do not have the fondest memories from but I got tomorrow to change all that. I hope that I will be able to perform better tomorrow than previous games since I have been sick, but are feeling better now. Most important is that we will play as a team and perform to our max capacity.

The other part of my life that is known as school is in struggle as well, I have a big problem when it comes to do my reading for class. I tend to fall asleep every time I read 5 pages, and that is pretty much how fun my classes are right now but I just got to work through it.




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