Finally The Weekend Is Here

Hello world, very happy to say that it is finally Friday. That means no school fro three days, I believe it is labor day or something on Monday so one extra day off. After one week in school I can with knowledge say that I am not a big fan of the academic life. Homework here and homework there, not something that I am well at coping with. Some of to just feels so stupid, but I guess that is something I have to deal with as I choose to be a college student.

I had a great talk with our internship adviser today, and I think that I will get a good internship next summer. By good I mean something that has something to do with my major, it will be extremely hard to get an internship that will provide me with a lot of on air time. However, you have to start somewhere and from there build yourself up. I believe I should be able to do just that, even though it is going to take some hard work.

Other than that I am just preparing for our game tonight, since I am a little bit sick I do not anticipate that I will play all 90 minutes but I will do my best for as long as my body allows me. We are playing UIC tonight, one of the teams that beat us last year. I guess we will find out later tonight if we are the better team this year.




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