Fresh Start

Hello world, after a hard weekend of soccer my team has two wins out of two games. First time that has happened since 2001, we are taking big steps forward but there are still a lot of work to be done. I dod score the game winner in the last second on Friday, and for that I have received a lot of attention in different media outlets. Here is a picture from the Milwaukee Sentinel.


Other than that there has been a lot of tweeting going on, as well as articles on topdrawsoccer. I also received Student Athlete of the week here at Marquette, but what it al comes down to is that we won both our games this weekend and I hope that we will continue in that fashion. A  good start does not make you win all the games in a year, but  a continued effort to become better is what makes a team continue to win. And that is exactly what we will do the upcoming weeks.

Other than that school started, not fun. Not fun at all, homework and readings and all that I do not fins fun. Luckily enough some of my classes seem interesting, and I hope that I will manage to receive high grades in all of them. Especially in media programming, which is the only class that is strictly in my major.

However, early mornings on Tuesdays makes me in need of a nap and that is what I am going to take right now.




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