First Chapter Is Written

Hello everyone, just got back from the game. And what a game it was, pretty magical to be a soccer game. It had it all though tackles, lots of goals, and everybody fighting for possession. A classic derby one could call it, we started of real good in the first twenty minutes created a lot of chances and probably should have scored two goals. However, UWM managed to keep their zero and worked themselves into the game. The first half ended 0-0, and after a defensive mistake UWM scored 1-0 a great shoot. We stepped up our tempo, and managed to get 1-1 on a penalty. They scored again though, on an incredible shoot and once again we were down. We kept our head up, and after ten minutes we got lucky when their goal keeper missed hit a ball and our striker scored on an open goal.

And than in the last second of the game, on a half volley in the upper ninety. We scored the game winning goal, and by we I mean me. It was a incredible goal, and I believe that it might be on ESPN tomorrow:)

Great win, and a great goal now I am off to bed!




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