Down In Ohio

Hello people, finally got some energy to spend on a blog post. It has been way to long since my last one, but I just have not spent any time or had any desire to write. I guess this sis what my writing teacher calls getting stuck in your writing, I have actually been doing a lot of things worth writing about. Not that I usually have an immense filter in my stories, but still lot of things have been happening. We are now far in to pre season, only six days away from the start of our season. We have had a bit of struggle so far, a few injuries and such but I am sure we will figure it all out before season starts. We have had two games so far, Loyola and Xavier, a 2-1 win and a tie 0-0. We have not looked as dangerous up front as usual, but we are almost there. Personally I feel like everything has been there except the goals but I am sure they will start coming soon, just got to keep working on it.

At the moment I am sitting on out hotel in Ohio, we are playing Wright State tomorrow, a team that we lost against last year so it will be a good opportunity to see how much that has changed since last year. We came in from fort Wayne Indiana, they a big soccer weekend going on there with a lot of great college teams, a great event both structurally and the quality of soccer. I hope we will go back there next year as well, they seem to know what they are doing.

Officially moving into my apartment as soon as we get back to campus, it is going to be so nice to have my own place instead of living in the dorms. Especially the opportunity to cook my own food as well as have friends over when ever without having to check them in and all that bullshit. I believe I need to go and buy a few new things though, our apartment is very empty when it comes to plates and bowls and all that. I am sure I will figure it out though;)




7 thoughts on “Down In Ohio

  1. Oh thats great coz I’m moving into my dorm soon… Its like 3 ppl in One room… My first year in college begins on 3rd September! Pretty excited. . Freshers Party ❀

    All the very best to you! Do post pics of your place! Design it well πŸ˜‰

    All the best for the game, too!

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