Soon It All Begins

Hello people of the world, I hope you are all enjoying the last couple of weeks that is summer. Soon we will have wind, rain, and falling leaves, but for now on it is sun, green grass and heat that files every day. Especially here in Milwaukee, we are working hard with the soccer team, both and the field as well as off to get to know each other better. Team chemistry is more important than talent if titles is what you are looking for.

However, there are other sides of life as well. Today for example I went horseback riding with Caroline, and it was super much fun. I must say that I am an excellent rider compared Β to what would be expected due to my limited time on a horse, I could definitely transport myself to where ever if we used horses instead of cars. It is really amazing how shocked I always get when I get out in to the “wild”, I think it is so beautiful. I am used to things like that, well I guess not anymore since I live in the city now. I really miss Sweden when it comes to places like that to go to, I miss where I grew up.




One thought on “Soon It All Begins

  1. Lovely you went horseback riding , do you remeber when we went you, me and oscar….. yes collect moments not things son. soon we will get a moment together

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