Just Living My Life

Hello world I hope you are all enjoying the weekend, I guess that would be hard to say since it just started but I hope you all will be enjoying it. Here in Milwaukee everyday feels like it is the weekend, I am just doing whatever I desire all the time. I went to Chicago for two days, and just relaxed no training or anything. One of the best parts was that the hotel and most of the trip was paid for by Caroline’s company, and I mean the hotel was straight on Michigan avenue, apparently cost 400 dollars a night to live there so I am glad we did not have to pay for that. We were real lucky though while we were there me managed to see the fire works down at navy pier while we were on the ferris wheel, a real amazing time. That night I also met Caroline’s dad for the first time. Real nice guy, and he bought us dinner which also was pretty awesome. The day after that we went to millennium park and there was a Jazz festival going on, so we really picked the right time to go to Chicago. Not that there ever is a bad time to go to Chicago, but this was just a particularly good time. We kind off got robbed on 5 dollars though, or tricked maybe is the right word. This guy came up to us and asked if we could swap one dollar bills again a 5 dollar bill because he needed to pay for his parking or something. We figured that that would be pretty sweet, however when we gave him the money he just walked away and we did not even think about it until a minute after words. Pretty smart move from him, or maybe we were just stupid. Who cares though, in a year who cares about five bucks.

I did discover a extremely good way to make money and work out at the same time in Chicago, simply drive a bicycle taxi. You get money at the same time as you get a real good work out. I did not try this personally, but we did get a bicycle taxi back to the hotel one night and the guy looked like he got the work out of his life. Maybe this is something I should do on my spare time??

The rest of the weekend will be spent chilling and preparing for the upcoming hard work with the team before season starts, probably going to cock some amazing food as well, and speaking of food I almost forgot. Tonight I went over to my friend Charlie Hoovers family for dinner, and the meal they gave us was delicious. Hamburgers, steak, tat or tots, the perfect meal and their house in general is just so awesome. It is exactly the kind of house I want to live in except that they do not have a pool but because of the view I can live with that.





2 thoughts on “Just Living My Life

  1. Just living your life son, you mom just came back from warm Egypt we saw a turtle this time amazing how the world in the water can be. Miss you will you come next year to Egypt in September???? love mom

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