I Just Love Playing You Know

Hello world, the last two days I have come to remember how much I actually love to just play soccer. Without all the competition and all the pressure to perform it is just an incredible game, I feel so awesome every time I get the opportunity to play like that. Last night I went and played in a coed league with my friend Madsen. His team missed a player so I stepped in and filled those shoes, and it was just so much fun. Five vs. five in a small ice hockey rink, it was the most fun I had in a long time. And today I got a new opportunity to play just for fun, the Marquette high school camp came to an end, and me and a couple other of our players played against the camps all star team. So much fun, extremely tiring but you know that is soccer.

Tomorrow I am going to Chicago, just gonna relax and take it easy for a couple of days. Finally I would say, it has been a tiring summer and I think two days of rest will do me well. And off course Chicago is a very beautiful city, actually my favorite city ever, even though New York is coming very close. Both are just amazing to be honest, so awesome in all ways.

Now it is time to use my 30 days allowance of driving in the USA and go and pick up Caroline, happy dreams world!




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