Back On Campus, Oh I Missed It

Hello people of the online world, I am just chilling in Caroline’s apartment. I have to admit it was nicer than I thought it was going to be, but still not worth what they pay in rent every month. These people who rent these apartments must be nuts, and at the same time making an crazy amount of money.

We lost our game Saturday, and just like that our season was over. I really have nothing to say about the game, but I got back to Campus last night after about 12 hours of traveling. Could have been a lot longer though, the bus driver for the first bus told us that 9 (we were 12) could not go on the bus because it was suppose to be a double decker. He said that we would have to wait until the 6.30 bus, the time at this point was 8 so about 10 hours. No one did it, I have no clue have they solved it. 4 of us including me went on the 8.30 bus instead, but still that would have left 5 people. Not my worries though, I made it all the way back to MIlwaukee. Went out for dinner, and a movie with Caroline. I only have now word for the new Batman movie, Incredible! The only thing that concerned me about it was the sound from the “bad guy” because of his mask it was hard to hear what he said. However, the movie was still amazing and I can only applaud the people who was a part of it.

Today I decided to work out with the freshmen, and I stepped in their with a great lot of confidence since I have been working out all summer long. But damn I forgot how hard the work outs are here, it is just a complete different level than anywhere else I have been. Real tired right now from the work out actually, but it feels good. After that I went down to the field, I cannot believe how long it was since I been there. Really missed that place actually, I got too see all the coaches and some of the players. Very nice to catch up with them for a little bit, and I do believe I will play in the All-star game tomorrow. Finally a game that I actually get to play in, cannot wait.




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