Another Trip, And It Might Be Our Last One

Hello people, I hope that life is treating all of you good and that something fun/interesting is going in your life. Personally I am almost all packed and ready for our next road trip to the USA, this time we are going to Michigan, detroit to be precise I believe at least. We did not finish number one over all and therefore we were not chosen to host the first play off stage. The only team in the whole PDL who beat us in points is actually the team that we are facing in the conference final if we will win our semi-final on Saturday, and we will do our outmost to beat them. The games will even be sent live, and yours truly will be doing all that while the rest of the team takes care of business on the pitch.

However, since there is a possibility for us to be done with PDL for the summer if we would loose, me and my mates from Marquette are packing all that we have here in case we would lose. Than I will be going back to Milwaukee, and start preparing for our school season. I guess I will have to kick some soccer balls around with the freshmen as well, and actually meet them. More importantly start moving in to my apartment, maybe not completely legally allowed but there is always a way around things like that.

That is it for now, here is a video from our road trip that I made for our awards dinner last night, over 300 people showed up. Real fun to see so many people being involved in the Thunder Bay Chill.




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