When You Do Not Know Where You Are Going It Does Not Matter What Direction You Go

Hello world, the time flies by when you fill your days with whatever you feel like. We only have one practice a day with the team nowadays and therefore, there is a lot of time to do anything. Thanks to the weather being so nice there is great moments for tanning during the day, that and working out hard core. But also to see a little bit more of Thunder Bay, today we went to the cascades here in the city. It is a lot of rock and waterfalls where people go to admire nature, smoke weed, drink, or just take a swim. We went for the waterfalls and for the swimming, sadly there was no chance to dive but I am sure I will dive from the top of a waterfall before I die.

Other than that we got our two last league games this weekend, and after that we are going into the play off. However, so much fun though today at practice the local TV showed up to do a reportage about our team and going into the play off and all that good stuff. But before they started shooting and we started training I managed to get to talk with them. As I am studying to become a “TV-guy” I thought I made as well try to pick up some tools of the trade. And they really gave me a lot of information about the industry and what is important to think about during my time in school and what to do after school. It really is crazy how much help you can revive from just having the courage to engage into a conversation with strangers, I guess that is why I love human interaction so much.

Wel well, now it is time to sleep, long day tomorrow.




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