Back After A Road Trip

Hello people, I am back in Thunder Bay now. Got back yesterday and just spent the day relaxing, I am awful at sleeping on busses so barely got two hours of sleep. Got all that back yesterday and today though, and tomorrow it is time to get back to work. Three work outs every day until I get back to Marquette and Milwaukee, got to get fit for the upcoming season.

About the road trip, it was lot of fun. I really feel like I got the know the players on my team a lot better by being away with them for a week, it becomes a different surrounding when you are out of the comfort zone that is Thunder Bay. We did well, 5 games, 3 won, 1 ties and 1 lost. Not a perfect result but I still thought we did well, and as you know we managed to clinch the title of champions in the league. Now we only got two games left before the play off and the real shit starts, and I am hopeful that we will be bale to win our conference and make it to the national tournament.

I just finished editing a little short movie about our road trip, took me about 4 hours but you know gotta do what I gotta do. I will probably post it online in the upcoming days, and I will make a loner one later on. Believe I got about an hour of footage, so their should be enough hot make something useful. It is hard to edit though, I feel very lucky to have a chance to work with it so much. I am far from perfect at it, but you gotta start with something.

Time to sleep, a lot of training to do tomorrow.



One thought on “Back After A Road Trip

  1. You can do it! Always think positive your thoughts are so strong and it actually can fall in and the best is to think nice good ones love mom I thinking of you and are so happy you are my son

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