The Other Aspect Of Life

Hello people, I hope that your life is as sweet as mine is at the moment. We do not have a game until Friday, and therefore we are chilling in Des Moine for a couple of days. We only got one practice a day and the rest we can do almost whatever we feel like, and today that means hanging at the pool. I got a bit burnt but so worth it, I just love that we do not have everything scheduled out or that we are sitting on our bus for hours and hours. A good change in the day to day life, but soon it is back to work.

We played Springfield yesterday, and we demolished them with 7-0. It was not really a challenged and they did not care to much about the game but it was nice to get some playing time. I scored a goal and would have scored some more, but I had to go off because of my foot. Do not really know what happen to it but I could not put any weight on it. However, it feels much better today. I am making the conclusion that my new shoes are a bit to tight for my foot and therefore it gets irritated, but I am no professional so we will se what happens.

Time for a nap!



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