We Keep Going

Good morning world, just woke up form the classical after breakfast nap we all crave. It really is everyone on the team, as soon as we have eaten breakfast we go straight back to our rooms and sleep for 1-3 hours. I love that nap, it really sets the tone for the rest of the day. As mentioned before we are on our way to de moine, but we stopped in springfield to play an exhibition game against springfield. I believe that me and most of the other players that has been on the bench a lot this year will get a lot of minutes in today, but you never know! We area always going for the win no matter who we are playing, and once again it will be a battle with the weather. It is 38 Celsius outside, and the game is starting at two a-clock which means that it will be hot. After the game we are going straight to de moine, and I believe that it is a 6 hour trip. The amount of time you spend in a bus while you are playing soccer!

Last night we went to  a massive buffet, that literally had anything you can imagine even a chocolate fountain. They even had strawberries to dip in the fountain. It was so much food, and everybody just ate. People always say that America is a massive country and that most of society way to much, and after being at this restaurant I can understand way. It is just to good to not go to!

It is time to jump on the bus and drive to the game, wish me luck!




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