Hello St. Louise and Hello Heat

Hello people, we arrived in St. Louise yesterday, everybody was shocked when we first felt the heat. However, that is nothing that we cannot conquer as a team, everybody tagged along on this trip except Mat who is home with his broken foot. I believe that this trip will get the team even closer together, and I believe that camaraderie is what will differentiate us from many other teams and therefore we will come out as winners.

We had some problems with the booking of our hotel though, we are not staying at Sheraton as we first were told. Instead we are living at the double tree, just as good of a hotel but I booked a room for me and Caroline at the Sheraton. Therefore, I will probably be running in between the hotels for the team meals and such. The price you pay for love!

Other than that we are drinking incredible amounts of water in preparation for the game tonight as well as the game tomorrow. In whether conditions like these your body will be tested to the extreme, and water is one of the most important aspects to focus on. Food is important as well, and we are being treated with the best possible in order to prepare for the game. Last night we had dinner at a place here as Westport St. Louise called the train wreck, it was amazingly good food and I hope we will go back another night.

Now I am going to finish my last assignments in my Philosophy class, cannot believe that I am done. Hopefully I will finnish with an A in the class as well. I got three more assignments that are due, and I believe that they are worth 145 points and I need to receive 130ish in order to get an A in the class. It is not impossible, but it will be hard I am hoping for the best.

On a complete different side of life, here is the best album ever realized according to me.




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