Time To Pack The Bags

Hello world, the week is almost over for most, not for us. Now is when we start to work, now is when life gets a little bit shaky. We are all packing our bags and preparing to leave to the US for a little more than a week. My budget is screaming of joy, the team pays for all our meals while we are traveling and that is really a relief for my wallet. It is going to be real fun to be away with the team for a the week though, I think we have a real fun squad and everybody gets along. However, the most important thing for us is to get the maximum amount of points on the trip and personally i am hoping for some serious playing time. If we win one game we are cleared for the play off, and if we win two we are cleared for winning our league. But what we are chasing goes beyond that, we want the be the best in the conference so that we will get to host the play off. In order for us to do that we need to keep winning everything, literally everything that is how close it is between us and the winner of the other division.

Our trip will take us to St. Louise, to springfield, and than de moine. 5 games, and a whole lot of practicing, it is going to be especially hard due to the weather being so hot we really need to say hydrated. Not to forget is that Caroline is coming to visit me at our fist stop, very existed about that.



One thought on “Time To Pack The Bags

  1. Thinking of you son, thank you for calling us yesterday always fun to talk and we do miss you alot, love you kram mamma

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