As Life Runs By

Hello people, as you probably have noticed I do not post that much anymore and I cannot blame it on myself being to busy. It is more me wanting to do other things instead, work out, tan, read, home work, editing, Facebook, twitter, all that good stuff I usually use as an excuse to not do home work. So awesome do a week from today I will be done with my summer class, and we will be done with coaching so from there on life will be a bit easier. Not that it is hard at the moment, but still there is a lot of hours that goes to my one class and coaching, I wonder what I will spend that time on later, probably gonna do some more videos. Our coach actually asked me to do more of those, and I started that little mission yesterday.

A short interview with one of our strikers Sam, a little bit problem with the sun, but I mean when the sun is my biggest problem life is pretty sweet.

Other than that we are almost clear for a play off position, one more win out of our 6 games and we are in the clear. Now we are chasing points in order to get the play offs at home. That home field advantage could show it self to be crucial, that little part that makes us go all the way instead going out in the quarter finals.



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