Chasing All That We Want

Good morning people, I hope for your sake that you did not start the morning in the same way as I did. 7.30 wake up, a quick little breakfast and a car drive to the track where a solid work out was waiting. 800 meters x5, and 30 burpees  and 30 no game push ups in between each run. Took me about 29 minutes to finish the workout, and for those who does not know. No game push ups are just as a normal push up except that every time you go down you lift your hands above the ground and rest your chest on the ground for about half a second. I have to say that it was real though, but I felt like all my extra running payed of quite a bit since the 800 meters x 5 felt like nothing. Just got to keep working hard this week in order to get two wins this weekend against de moine, they are chasing us in the standings so 6 points this weekend would be gigantic.

Now I am of to cross the border and pick up my new pair of soccer shoes, since my old ones broke last week i am really looking forward to play in my new pair. It is the new nike model, which have gotten amazing reviews so I am hoping for them to be all that good. It is a little trip, but some music and some on the road snacks and all will be just fine!



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