Does Not Matter When You Do It As Long As You Do It

Good evening world of the internet, I hope you all had a sweet weekend filled with exactly whatever you felt like. I just got back to Thunder Bay and my apartment here, finally realized why it is nice to come back to a clean place. Never really got why my parents always cleaned before we left to go away for a couple of days, but I guess I have learned that now.

I am just going to cut to the chase since I am pretty tired. We played Winnipeg again today, and they did not want anything else than a 0-0 result. We created opportunity after opportunity, but the it seemed to be one of those days where to ball just would not go in. A result that would have hurt our standings, but the last kick of the game. I am absolutely serious, the 95 minute we got a free kick. Jose stepped up and struck in the upper ninety, it was insane I could barely believe it. It was the kind of thing that only happens in the movies, but now it happened in reality. We are still going strong, and I am still trying to regain a position in the starting eleven. Watched the game from the bench today, and while the rest of the team is resting tomorrow I will be going hard for a couple of hours. We are striving to become champions!



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