One Down Baby

Good evening people of the world, I am going to assume that half of you are out partying and the rest of you are relaxing with a good book or movie. For those that are working, sucks to suck. I used to be one does workers, I have to say that it really was not for me.

We played winnipeg tonight,and demolished them. I have to say that they were bad today, even worse than last time. Felt like they did not even care, I guess that might be what happens when you have a league without relegation. As soon as you cannot reach play off you just do not care anymore, not my kind of game. We won 4-0, and my team mates from school Axel and Paul scored one goal each. I came on in the 67 minute and should have a goal, but the reef blew his whistle for a free kick for me instead.  I wish  that he would have played the advantage instead since I would have scored, would have been really good for my confidence. A new chance tomorrow though, and if we win tomorrow we will be 7-1 which would put us in a very beneficial position. Now it is time for some sleep, we are playing in about 13 hours so gotta get some rest.



One thought on “One Down Baby

  1. Sluta aldrig tro på dig själv DU KAN! Allt är möjligt fortsätt tro jobba leva njuta hoppas skratta leva här och nu kram mamma som längtar efter dig

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