Here We Go Again

Hello people of the world, finally Saturday I hope no one is to hangover from Friday night’s adventures. At the moment writing I am sitting in my hotel room in Winnipeg  of all places in the world. We are playing two games here this weekend, and were are heading towards 6 points. Even though we beat this team easily at our home field I am certain that it will be harder today. Not only will they look for revenge, but our two best goal scorers will not be able to play tonight. Injury and a red card is what keeps them away from the field, but I am certain the rest of the squad will be able to get the job done.

We arrived last night so the whole team has had a great night of sleep, and should be ready to perform to night. Especially after the breakfast we got served this morning, just incredible they had everything you can imagine. Even fresh strawberries, I have to admit that I am severely in love with fresh strawberries. It is clearly the most well tasting fruit in the world, at least in my opinion. They also had soy milk, something I learned to love because my ex girlfriend was allergic to normal milk. Or maybe I am just addicted to product that carry the name milk, guess I will never know for sure.

Other than that I have to say that Winnipeg is a really beautiful city, it looks a lot like a typical Swedish city and that makes me appreciate it more than others. To be honest all of Canada is similar to Sweden, especially when I compare it with USA. I wonder what exactly it is that makes me feel that way, maybe it is something in the air and the general nature. Oh, and the road to Winnipeg might have been the oldest ever, but it was filled with the most beautiful little lakes where people had cabins I would just love to have a little summer cabin in a place like that. You know fish a little bit, grill, and just relax. The prefect spot to gather some thoughts and recharge some batteries.




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