Keep On Rolling

Hello world, I hope the week is going well and that work is not making you tired of life. I know that this week has been really hard on my part, we have been running so much. Everyday we keep running, further and further. It is mile after mile, no stop and no end to it feels like my legs are about to fall off. No not that bad, but my body is real tired. It is good though we keep working hard and I believe that will makes us go far in the playoff, the harder we work now the easier it will get later.

I saw the funniest thing a couple of days ago while I was out for a run, I ran to my usual place where I have a view of the lake and the city. Pretty beautiful actually, and a great place to work out apparently. As I was stretching seven moms ran up with their strollers, and their new born babies. Clearly with the state of mind to work out while taking their babies on a stroll, little did I know that moms did that but here I saw the truth. In all honesty I would barely call it working out, some of them did not do shit. They simply did not care about working out, they just wanted to be out in the sun our something. The others were extremely serious, and just kept working. Over all one of the strangest and funniest sights I have ever seen. Moms man, they crack me up.

On a completely different side of life, we had a real incident during practice today. One of our players broke his foot, he will have surgery tomorrow and we all hope that it will go well for him. It is scary when shit like that happens, makes you think about all the tackles you have received yourself and how that could have been you.

We live to see another day!



One thought on “Keep On Rolling

  1. Yes moms run!! Even your own mom did so when you son was small.
    keep up and hold on to your dreams and goals. miss you love mom

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