Just What We Do

Hello world, I hope you are all at least aware of the soccer tournament that is going on. It is after all the second largest tournament in the world, the European soccer cup. Started yesterday and will continue for almost the whole summer, my home country Sweden even qualified this year. I believe we can make it through the group stage, and even further than that but to win the whole thing is to much to ask for. We got some good players though, Zlatan, Sebastian Larsson, Ola Toivonen, Kim, you know what most of our players are real good. Should be a very interesting cup, hopefully lots and lots of goals.

My team for the summer the Thunder Bay Chill managed to score 3 yesterday as we beat the St,louise Lions 3-0. We are playing them tonight as well, and we will go for another three points. We are playing well at the moment, working as a team all over the field. I personally is on the bench at the moment but I am working towards regaining my spot in the starting eleven, but as long as the team wins I see it as success.

We actually a pretty funny thing this morning as a team, we went down to the local dome here in Thunder Bay where they had a promotion for special olympics. We played around with them for awhile, just teaching them some soccer. We even donated gear to them, so now they have actual game jerseys to play with. It was actually quite amazing how impressed they were by our soccer skills, and how happy they got when we played with them. Always feels good to be nice to others, and even better when you see their faces lit up. I hope they will show up for our game tonight, and that we will score some goals for them.



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