The Days Just Run By

Hello people I know that my activity on the blog is what most people would see as almost none existing, and the only one that there is to blame for that is me. I guess in between practicing and working I rather spend my time doing other things than posting, I guess I kind of lost some motivation on writing. Things like posting is of that kind where motivation is essential, and I have never really been good at motivating myself. That goes for most things in life, I found it really hard to become motivated and passionate about things but when something catches my complete attention I get almost addicted to it. Guess that is just who I am, a pretty f…. up guy!!!!

We got two home games this weekend, I believe they could be called our home openers since our first home games got moved due to the weather. I really hope we are going to play well in front of the fans, and even though I will not be starting I hope that I will get my chance of playing so I can show the fans some swedish flair and style. If we get the result that we are going for we will be in first place, and have a very good opportunity to make it to the play off. Nothing else would be acceptable, it is funny how every team you play for assumes that hey are best and that they will be the winners. I wonder how it would be to play for a coach that would be like yeah middle of the table is what we are aiming for. I think it would be weird, but who knows a little bit less pressure might be good. However, I would not know.

On Saturday we are going to a promotion for the special olympics, it is always nice to give something back to the community. And while we are on the subject, I am getting real tired on my long hair and I am considering finding a donation place here in Thunder Bay and donate it to them. I think I would like a clown with a shaved head but it sure would be nice to get ride of the hair in this extreme warmth.

A little bit funny/ sad I do not really know, I guess it is one of those things were some people think it is sad and some think it is funny. Me and a couple of guys went out for ice cream last night with a couple of girls here, they had strawberry banana ice cream just amazing by the way. But back to the topic, the last week we had a lot of rain here and the city got flooded and is still in a state of emergency. One of the girls told us that there basement got flooded, first thought might me hey dry it out and all your stuff can be sold to used again. But no that is not allowed because the water that came into peoples basements are contaminated by poop and piss. When I heard it I just cracked up, because the last couple of days I have seen tons of lawns filled with sofas, tv’s, tables you name it. I have been wondering why, and it is because it is all destroyed by poop and piss. As Β I am writing this I realize that it might be a little bit childish to see it has funny, but just imagine all this lawns filled with all this things that people do not really need. I still think it is funny, but you can be the judge of that!

One last note, people of the world you need to see all the Lord of the rings movies, they are incredible!


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