Back At “Home”

Hello people, I just got back to Thunder Bay. It has been a real long day, we left at 6 this morning and due to the time change it is 9 now, losing two hours not a fan of that. It was a good trip though, I feel like  I got to know many of the players better, and I am sure this trip will help us to become more of a team. We won the second game against the same team with 3-0, I will not blame the first lose on the travel arrangements we had but the result pretty much speak for itself. I just hope that we will get the opportunity to play the Colorado Foxes again in the play off, and than we can prove once and for all that we are the better team.

The rest of the night will be resting and chilling in order to prepare for the upcoming weeks hard work and the games we have next weekend. I believe we are ST.louise , and as always we are going for the Win!

Sleep tight world!



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