Another Day Tomorrow

Hello all you people in the world, I hope everyone has celebrated that it is weekend properly. For most the upcoming days will be filled with rest and joy, and for others maybe head aches and days spent in bed. My upcoming days will be filed wit shocker and traveling back to Thunder Bay, I am really not well at coping to traveling during the night. I am not a good bus/airplane sleeper, and therefore I am tired as shit for the upcoming days. I wish we just would travel during normal hours of the day instead of trying to get real sleep in the bus to the airplane. But it is what it is, and there is nothing I can do to change it.

We played a gam tonight, I just have to mention their arena. It was incredible, a view straight over the Rocky mountains. Beautiful beyond measure, on the sad part if life we lost the game 2-1. I can honestly say that I probably played my worst game ever, I cannot explain it and I do not want to blame our travel arrangements but I could not feel my legs. As well as my head felt like it was somewhere else, I am just glad that I will get a new opportunity to play the same team tomorrow. I am assuming that I will not be starting, but I hope I will get the chance to come in during the second half.



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