On The Road, What Is Up Denver!

Hello world, I first would like to say congratulations for making it through the week. It is not always simple to do that, especially not if you have a very demanding job. Luckily enough for me this week was very easy, because we got flooded and the city went into disaster mode all our coaching got cancelled, except for yesterday. Not to bad to only have to work once a week though. It was pretty necessary since our traveling this weekend is on a very hard schedule. We started off last night at eleven with a bus ride to Minneapolis, so we had to try and sleep on the bus. We arrived at the airport in Minneapolis at 4.30 A.M, got on a plane at 6 and landed in Denver around nine. It would not be the a arrangement if we did not have a game tonight, all players are very tired right now and most are taking a little nap before the game. I know I will as soon as I get done with this. However, tired does not mean that we will not win the game. I am sure that we will do everything in our power to come out wit ha result as long as we cab beat the altitude difference. I have a feeling that I will be extremely tired after tonights game.



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