Bye, Bye, Weekend

Hello people of the world, I hope the weekend was to your pleasure.

Here in Canada it is still raining, but luckily enough the weather does not reflect life itself. We are sell undefeated in the league after a 1-0 victory yesterday. I watched the game from the stands, Coach decided to put me there. I did not receive a explanation why, but I hope that I will receive a new chance to play next weekend, as we travel to Colorado to face their team.

The team celebrated after the game, and we had a lot of fun. I feel like we really are starting to come together as a team now when we get to now each other more and more. Many of our players are really interesting characters, and I hope that I will be able to get a few interviews with them.

We got some luck in our room now as well, our new room mate Patterson’s parents are extremely generous and they are bringing a lot of food to out apartment. Which means that we can save some money on food now, it is so expensive to be honest. Food price is something you never really think about until you actually move away from home.

I tried something new today as well, Tim Hortons donuts, and still I have to say that I am no a fan of donuts.


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