Another Way To Wake Up

Hello world, I assume that you all are going back to work after a relaxing weekend. Here in Thunder Bay that is not the case, we have had Thunderstorms for the last 24 hours. With the thunder storm came the rain, and not a little of it we actually are flooded. All the soccer fields are closed, and a lot of roads are destroyed. Luckily enough our apartment is a the top of a hill. No damaged done do us, but the city is a little bit shocked right now I can assume. Oh wait one of our players car got stuck in the water last night, like they drove and the car just stopped and started to take in water. They abounded the car and I believe it might be in the shop now getting cleared from all the water.

However, no practice today or tomorrow I believe, at least there is no caching which is more welcomed than no practicing.

Since it was mothers day yesterday day I just want to give a shout out to my mom Loppan, she is always there for me even when I do not deserve it. She is a unbelievable strong and determined woman and i am proud to call her my mom.



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