The First Game Weekend

Hello world, I hope life is treating you all well. Summer is coming, not so much here in Thunder Bay though. We had rain for about 5 days here, and now our field is water damaged. It does not matter to me to much, now we are playing on turf which is better for our team because of the way we play. Happy news in soccer life, we played our first game yesterday and won 5-0. We played great in the first half and it could just as well have been 8-0, I managed to get one goal in. We are playing on the same field against the same team tonight, and hopefully we will get the same result.

Also my online philosophy class has started, a lot more work than an online class should have. We have a quiz and an essay every week, the hard part is that we only have an hour to complete the essay. The class is only about moral questions, therefore, everything is without a set answer. All we do is reading arguments, and work out arguments that we come up with ourselves. It is actually very interesting, hopefully I will receive a good grade as well.



4 thoughts on “The First Game Weekend

  1. I studied philosophy for a year in Europe (it was supposed to be a three-year program, but I ran away). The professors were so determined to categorize mine (and everybody’s) thoughts, thereby squashing any possibility of an “original idea.” A room full of already intelligent people competing to appear even a millimeter more intelligent than the others – that’s what it was about. πŸ™‚

    • awesome, where in Europe did you study?

      I hate when teachers do that, they got to let you develop your own thinking to ensure the thou can evolve as a person. I hope you have had some better study experiences in your life:)

      • I was studying in Warsaw. Unfortunately, I found educational institutions aren’t really for me. I’m actually mulling over my third attempt this coming fall. Yes, third.

      • Warsaw is a beautiful city though:)
        Well if they are not for you I am certain that you will find something else that interests you, and will be able to make you a living or at least have a blast:)

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