Good evening world, I hope everyone is excited about Friday tomorrow. I know I am because Friday means no work at night, however I will not be doing anything crazy since we have a game both Saturday and Sunday.

Kind of exciting we just received two new team members, and both of them are living in the same apartment as us. I have still to learn their names, I am so bad at names so it will probably take awhile. They seem like really nice guys though, one is from Cameroon and the other from Romania. I have a feeling that they will pretty good at soccer, they used to play half pro or well real pro but they did not get paid super much so I do not see it as a real professional.

Also happy news, I just went to the store and bought myself some head ache and fever pills. You can say and believe whatever you want about science but those kind of pills is something they have done well. I am ready for some real good sleep right now, than wake up for some lifting tomorrow, hey oh!



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