Exploding Lungs

Good morning world, I just got back to the apartment from our conditioning work out this morning. I have to say I thought I was going to puke my brains out, as I am still feeling a little bit sick with head ache and a sour throat I was not in the best shape for running. Lucky for me it was only about a 10 minute work out, still crazy hard and intense but a couple of more minutes and I would have puked.

We ran 200 meters, than did 50 side to side jumps over a hurdle and then 10 box jumps, 200 meters and than 40 hurdle jumps and 20 box jumps, and that was a continues calculation until we did 10 hurdle jumps and 50 box jumps. A great work out for whoever would like to work on their cardio!

Now I really need to get some sleep before our next practice today, nap time!!



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