Done For The Day

Hello world, just got done for the day, now I am just going to relax until I fall a sleep. Probably put on a good movie, or a couple of episodes of two and a half men. My body is just dead right now, I feel kind of sick and practicing and coaching does not help me feel better. I am going to assume that practicing at 8 tomorrow is not going to help, but who cares some sleep can take care of anything.

I do believe that the meat sauce I made tonight might have been the best ever made, so delicious your mouth craves to get more of it. I have to give all credit to my teaching at my high school Vackstanas, did not learn a lot of things but the things I learned I do now more than well.

We got some news from coach today, we are having a press conference on Friday. I have to admit that I am pretty nervous about that, I have never participated in a press conference before. I am sure it will go just fine though, I mean how hard can it be?

Also they gave us a lot of gear to practice in, or do whatever we want to. I am just happy that I got some hoodies now since I forgot all of them back in Milwaukee, finally I do not need to freeze anymore:))

Sleep tight people of the web!



6 thoughts on “Done For The Day

  1. howdy, thanks for dropping by the toast. Have just been reading a few of your posts, i like your style!

    drop on by the toast anytime 🙂

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