A Little Morning Lift

Good morning people, I hope the week has bee good to you all. It is only a couple of days left until the weekend, I have to say that I am looking forward to that. We got a came coming up and I do believe that we will have Sunday off, if it is so I will for sure be found without a shirt outside our apartment tanning all day long.

Woke up this morning with the noise of construction work outside my window, and not only that but they cut off our water supply. So at the moment we do not have any water, so a shower will have to wait until later tonight when I get back from my coaching job.

After that little delusion of construction we went down to the “complex”, that is the building where we work out. They actually had like 7 squash courts, kind of a lot if you looked at the size of everything else but hey whatever works. They actually had a really awesome machine, it is like a climbing machine wall. As you climb the wall is moving so you have to be quick, I am definitely going to try that on Friday or Monday, depends on when we get there again. It is nice though, we all got free memberships and it is a 5 minute walk from our apartments. Hopefully going to get real fit this summer!

Later on today we got practice and then we will receive all out gear, or as our coach put it ” you will have more gear than you will know what to do with.” I am really looking forward to that since all we got right now is a shirt, shorts, and socks. Since my gear mystically disappeared in the laundry I am using axels gear, because he is not practicing due to his injury.



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