Life Goes On

Hello world, I am still alive up here in Canada. I am actually pretty happy today, since I got the day off. You got to love that, we work three days a week. Which does not seem as to much, but it really becomes long days when you add in our soccer schedule with that. My Thursdays will look like this,

  • 7 A.M wake up call
  • 8 Running and conditioning practice
  • 10 back in took for a nap and some food
  • 2 practice
  •  4.30 until 8.30 work
  • 10 dinner, and pass out in bed

That is my Thursdays and Mondays and Wednesdays pretty much look the same. We are really going to get fit at least, and I mean that is always a good thing. However we are still struggling with all the technology in our apartment, no TV and no internet which will become a big problem next week when my online course starts. I really do not want to fail that due to my internet being malfunctioning.

Good news from my school today though, we got our grades and I relieved the highest GPA I have ever had. I received A in Advertising, and Media In Society, AB in Visual Communication and Philosophy, and a B in Script Writing. I was surprised that I did not receive an AB in Script Writing since I pretty much got that grade on all my assignments, but I am still really happy with my 3,6. Looks like I will be making the Deans list this year! Yay me!

Well I am of to cook me and my room mates some dinner, pasta with meat sauce it is.


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