In Thunder Bay

Hello world, it has been a while. The last couple of days has just been crazy for many reasons, we finished up finals, we traveled to Canada and we got settled here. The reason for my online silence has been our lack of internet connection, we simply do not have internet in the apartment right now. It is kind of sad, especially since our TV is not working to. I know that this might sound really negative, but that is seriously the only thing that is not awesome. We get feed like kings, we play soccer all day, and the wether is amazing. Living the dream right now to be honest, it is real good here in Thunder bay. It feels like a real nice town, and all the people are super friendly. We started of real rough though, first day we played two games, not full games but like 2×30 minutes. In this heat it was exhausting, my legs have been dead ever since. Sadly enough my fellow team mate Axel got injured. He and the goal keeper collided and the keeper got a concussion  and Axel hurt his groin. Hopefully he will be back before the league starts, and the same for the keeper.

Other than that I believe we have a game this weekend, and today we started our soccer school for about 1100 kids from the area. Both we players and the kids will for sure enjoy that time, because we are only doing the essential soccer part which is having fun.

Hopefully I will be able to write from my own working internet the next time, and not our friends.



4 thoughts on “In Thunder Bay

    • Oh really, that is awesome! It really is spectacular, and just as you say the outdoors. Unfortunately I have not had time to explore it yet, but as soon as I get time I will:)

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