Bye Bye Finals, Hello Canada

Good evening everyone, I hope your week was awesome and that your weekend will be even better. All I know about mine is that I am going to Canada tomorrow, pretty exited about that. I have never been in Canada before, however, my mom lived there for a couple of years before she meet my dad. So my blood line is going back to Canada tomorrow, and luckily enough the flight is not leaving to early. We are checking out from Mashuda (my dorm) at 9.30. Should give us enough time to get to the airport.

I got done with my finals this morning, literally sat down and wrote for 1 hour and 45 minutes about philosophy. Thanks to some skills I pretty much knew what the exam was going to look like, and I prepared to do just that. I felt like it went well, but you never really know when it comes to philosophy.

After that crucial time spent in a classroom I went out and sold my school books to  guy with a van that said books for cash. It was awesome, so sketch and black market like but still awesome. I love shit like that, it is so much more fun then going to a store. I mean here at the school book store the line is about two miles long anyway, so it is so worth it to sell it back to that guy. I buy my stuff online anyway so I barely lost any money at all. 152 dollar in my pocket right know so I got to be happy about that.

Tonight is going to be spent with Caroline, sone dinner and all that good stuff. I cannot wait, pretty hungry actually. Oh, and I forgot to mention I and my room mates spent about 4 hours moving things to out storage unit and cleaning our room. Time I will never get back!



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