It Has Begun

Good afternoon people of the world wide web! I just got done with my first out five exams this week, I am kind of lucky got one each day so there is no need for hyper extreme studying any day. However, I am close to a grade in every class, and therefore I need to perform on all my cylinders to be able to get what I want. Started of really well in my Advertising class, I will receive 89-96 on the final, and with that result keep my A from the mid term. The test really was not hard, I found it pretty easy even though I only spent 1 hour to study for it. I guess paying attention in class pays off!

I took the role of writing the script in my group for out Script writing class project, I personally would say that it could be produced in Hollywood. What the teacher thinks might however be completely different, but I am a believer! That is so funny/irritating/frustrating, group work really only comes down to what people you have in your group. All slackers and it is over, luckily enough I have been lucky so far. I wonder what people that work with me think?

Only a couple of days left until I leave America to go to Canada, I am really getting exited. I hope believe think, that this summer will be real good. And when I get back I will finally move in to my own place, it is going to be legendary. No more stupid rules that most countries got rid off during the 18 century (time to wake up Marquette), and my own kitchen. I know most people do not know this about me, but I actually really like to cook food. I am not calling my self a master chef, but there is not much difference between me and a stay at home home?

Any who my group is here now, so I am about to do some work!




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