Close To The End

Hello world, I can gladly announce that I am done with classes for this semester. I have to be honest with you it is an awesome feeling, and I wish I never had any again. I know that student life is so much easier then to actually be working, I mean I tried working life for about 8 months. It is hard, deadline and pressure from the boss. You really do not have anything like that in college, it is just some assignments that are due and all that good stuff. I actually got my second Media In Society paper back today, I received 57/60 points which is equal to an A. This puts me in a really good spot for the final exam, to receive an A in the class you can only lose 30 points during the whole semester. So far I have only lost 9, therefor I can receive 39/60 and still get an A. It should be impossible to fail, but you never know what is going to happened in this crazy world.

Well Adam just challenged me to a duel in NHL, can not say no to that!




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