Hello Summer

Good evening people, summer has come to Milwaukee in a heart beat. Just a few days ago some people walked around in winter jackets, and now wearing a t-shirt is unbearable. You have to take the good with the bad, I mean now it is possible to study outside and walk around in shorts which is pretty awesome. I have to deal with the fact that where ever I walk I sweat, at least I get some tanning done by just walking.

I went for the longest run in my life today, was out for almost two hours. I thought I was going to pass-out every once and awhile, I made it through at last. Rushed into the shower so I would be on time to my meeting with the coaches, and I was. They were running a few minutes late, so I was an early bird. The meeting went a lot better than I had expected, and I felt like we all got what we needed out. I feel like there had been a lot of improvement done with our program, and we are constantly moving forward and that makes it real fun to be a part of.

Tomorrow is going to be a long long day, due to some issues with actors availability we will be shooting for about 6-9 hours tomorrow. I hope they will bring us some snacks, so that we can keep out energy up. Tired and hungry actors are bad actors, that goes for me at least.

Sleep tight world!





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