Not Exactly What I Had In Mind

Good morning world, I hope the sun is shining where ever you might be. It is shining here, and therefore I am taking of to the beach for a what I would call morning run. It will be around eleven when I take off, but in a 20 year olds world eleven counts as morning. I would say anything up until 1-2 is morning, but I believe mu own mother would strongly disagree. Other than that today is going to be real chill, only one class so I am probably going to be there. Oh and I do have a meeting with the coaches today, we always have after season meetings, and mine is today at 1 guess I need to run a little bit faster so I make it there on time. I am very curious about what they are going to say, it is always a mystery.

Last night I went to get ice cream with Caroline, I have to say that it was the best ice cream ever. Leons here in milwaukee, next to the hospital on 27, everyone close by MIlwaukee seriously needs to go there. Amazing ice cream, and big portions. Got to love that!

So how about that run now ?




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