The Other Part Of Life

Good day everyone, I hope the week is progressing well for you all. All I know is that without soccer, so many new and different doors open up for the social part of life. For once I can actually participate in group projects, and actually meet up with people in class to help each other with assignments. In all honesty I do not even know how people cannot get all A’s without something like soccer to take up their whole lives. Another aspect that comes in is the time you actually have to just hang out with people, both outside of the team as well as normal people I guess. Or as some people call them “muggles”, a great Harry Potter reference. Talking about Harry Potter, I am in the progress of getting all the movies, so exited seriously the best ever.


As finals week is coming up, more and more thoughts are put towards just that. It is so different from anything I have ever had back home in Sweden, and now for the first time ever I actually have a hard final schedule. In one week, I have 4 tests and a script due. Luckily enough the script is a take home and I believe that all my finals are on different days. Therefore, I will be able to have at least some time to study for them. I probably should start studying now, but I have known myself for about 20 years now and I will not start studying early. Shocking however, is that I actually started packing for Canada last week, I have no clue why since I usually is the guy that packs his bags the same morning as I am supposed to leave.

Anyway, I am about to go and work on my beach muscles for the summer. Have a nice day everyone.

Sebastian Jansson





One thought on “The Other Part Of Life

  1. Nice you have started to pack, great!
    Good luck for all the finals, remember you can only do your best , keep up , miss you kram mamma

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